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3 Common Fashion Stereotypes You Should Avoid!

By ocasocinema_eib37p

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Being a modern person and following the latest fashion trends can really wear you down! And its up to us, as a consumer to choose what best for us, in deciding whats good and whats bad for yourself you need to avoid this three fashion stereotypes:

1. You need lots of money to be fashionable!

Some people just buy things because it looks good and its on sale, but sometimes it just ends up as your closet accesories rather than yours.

“You should only buy items that you really need and stop buying clothes you never wear.”

Yes we need to spend money, but spend it smartly. Doing shopping nowadays is easy, with a lot of online stores you can browse for best deals and products that suits your style and needs.
Especially stores with coupon or discount, you can get a good cut from the original price
and for me I always wait 1 week before i buy something, if in 1 week I still want that items, I will buy it! With this I can control my impulsive shopping.

Buy the items not the brands!

This is where it could get ugly, people can spend lots of money buying branded items just to follow the trends! (or bragging ^^) actually its your rights to do so, its your money anyway! ^^

But I just want people to understand that in the end its about how an items looks good on you rather than the brand itself. So here we can deny the steoreotypes that we must invest a lot to be fashonable.

Buying clothes that everlasting and flexible can realy cut your spending on fashion items. buy that really suits your style (and body) so you can wear it for a long time.


2. You need to have an ideal body

You can see how the gym is always crowded nowadays, people (especially woman) tend to think that they need to have an ideal body to be able to follow the trends. of course having an ideal and fit body is a plus, but underline this, its not a necessity!

With a good guidance in picking the right style and patterns according to your body you can make it to your advantage. The proof, can be seen at the last fashion week in Paris, the range of models from skinny to curvy show the acceptance of this diversity.

One of the most important tips here is choosing the right size! Have you seen a movie titled crazy stupid love? In that movie Cal (starred by Steve Carrell) used to choose clothes with a bigger size from his actual size, then compare it after he had a make over. It looks neat right? So call your tailor now and size up your body!


3. We NEED to follow the trends

Again, this is not wrong, but its not completely true either. Lots of fashionistas stay with their style and gives an alternative to the current trends (sometimes become the trends it self). So why cant we do this? People will look us as unique and brave, all we need is a confidence to pull it off, with a little knowledge in your body type and mix-and-matching you can never go wrong, right?

These stereotypes are not completely wrong, but we can save a lot by avoiding this. we dont have to be the one that dragged by the trends as long we have our own style.


So be a smart spender, smart shopper, and stay fashionable!